of Centrifuges

CALDERERÍA TERUEL performs the revamping and also maintenace of centrifuges, even under ATEX conditions, for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agrochemical and foods industries, adapting to the needs and processes of the customer

CALDERIA TERUEL has its own technical department to be able to carry out preventive actions and maintenance as well as the design of spare parts, adapting to the needs and singularities of each customer.

Caldereria Teruel Centrifugas destacado 685x1024 - Centrifuges

These equipments meet with the standards of recognzed International Prestige:
-European Directive 2006/42 / CE
-Normative EN 12 547
-ISO 21940-1 standard
-European Directive 2014/30  / EU
-European Directive 2014/35 / EU

Construction, revamping and maintenance under GMP criteria.

The degree of the finishing of the equipment can be:

  • Polished glass
  • Polished from 0,2 µm
  • Glossy
  • Pickling Passivating

CALDERERÍA TERUEL has the necessary approvals to carry out the revamping and maintenance of centrifuges in a wide range of materials such as:

    • 304 – 1.4301
    • 304L – 1.4307
    • 316 – 1.4401
    • 316L – 1.4404
    • 316+Ti – 1.4571
    • 321 – 1.4541
    • 904L – 1.4539
    • Duplex 2205 – 1.4462
    • Superduplex 2507 – 1.4501
    • ALLOY B3 – 2.4600
    • ALLOY C276 – 2.4819
    • ALLOY C22 – 2.4602
    • ALLOY C4 – 2.4610


  • Centrífuges for laboratory and Pilot Plant
  • Basket centrifuge with filter bag
  • Peeler centrifuge- Horizontal shaft
  • Bottom discharge basket centrifuge
  • Peeler centrifuge- Horizontal shaft
  • Peeler centrifuge- Vertical shaft
  • Pusher Centrifuge

Manufacturing projects
of centrifuges

Our added value in the manufacture of centrifuges

Own engineering

Our Engineering staff is always present during the whole process: design, Manufacture and delivery of te equipment

Maximum Quality

The production from our equipments is carried out under the strickest International quality standards


Being manufacturers, and having our own technical department, allows us to perform the design and manufacture in time according to the customer´s needs

Contact us

Our Technical team is at your disposal at any time and will help you in the design and manufacture with a specific solution following to your needs.

Interested in manufacturing / Repairs of:
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We specialize in the manufacture of equipment and machinery for the industry.

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